The list of albums featuring Marnix as a composer, a (co) leader, and a musician, is growing year by year. All albums below can be puchased directly at BuzzMusic Records. Check out their catalogue!

Marnix Busstra

2015: Best of both worlds

Marnix Busstra Band

2015: Firm, fragile, fun

2013: Sync Dreams


Old School Band

Old School Band


Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet

2010: Trinary Motion – Live in Europe

2009: Twelve Pieces


Buzz Bros Band

2010: Ppff Unk

2005: The Same New Story

2004: Castle in the Air


Marnix Busstra 4-tet

1999: The Naïve World

1996: On the Face of It


Second Vision

2003: It’s All in the Mind

1997: Visionary Live

1995: Fazz Junk