Castle In The Air – 2004
‘Castle In The Air’, the band’s first album, was very well received: “This album should definitely be heard by everyone who loves stunning compository electric jazz,” said Slagwerkkrant.

The Same New Story – 2008
This successful debut was followed by a DVD, ‘The Same New Story’: “This DVD deserves to be heard and seen around the world: It is a perfect sample of the high standard that Dutch jazz musicians have reached”, according to Draaiomjeoren. Due to an ongoing demand, this live album was rereleased as a DVD/CD package later on.

Ppff unk – 2010
The band’s third album, ‘Ppff unk’, generated similar raving reviews. Sea of Tranquility said: “Hailing from The Netherlands, the Buzz Bros Band are not what you would call your typical Dutch band, in fact they are far from it. They play a brand of funk laden jazz that will really get your body moving.” The current repertoire of the band is largely based on the music of this particular album, released in 2010 on BuzzMusic Records.

Bitches On The Corner – 2009
A few years ago, the Buzz Bros Band did a special Miles Davis Project. Extended Buzz Bros Band – Bitches On The Corner featured an extended edition of the band.

2010: Ppff Unk

2008: The Same New Story

2004: Castle in the Air