2009: Twelve Pieces

The Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet started in 2009. Their debut album, ‘Twelve Pieces’, released that same year, generated great reviews all over.

Downbeat quoted the album as one of the best jazz CDs of the year, and All About Jazz wrote: “Each of the twelve pieces is a revelation in terms of development, harmony and resolution. Mainieri and Busstra complement each other perfectly.”

2010: Trinary Motion – Live in Europe

‘Trinary Motion – Live in Europe’, the second album of the band, is a compilation of highlights of a European tour of the quartet. A perfect display of their music development, according to the raving reviews.

Jazz Inside Magazine said: “With its combination of concise interplay and memorable material, everything is as it should be on Trinary Motion, representing continued growth for Busstra and some of Mainieri’s best playing ever.”