In addition to his jazz-oriented instrumental work, Marnix started composing for his wife, Dutch theatre diva Karin Bloemen, in 1992. Their intense and fruitful collaboration soon turned into something bigger: Together, the couple creates Karin Bloemens successful personality shows from the very beginning, directed by Marnix in the final stage.

This is Karin singing the Bonnie Raitt songAin’t Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again’.

Karin playing an intoxicated elderly actress, singing ‘Guilty’ in a non-descript bar…

Theatre shows

Karin and Marnix have been cooperating since 1992, when Marnix joined her band. For her next theatre show, La Bloemen, he wrote some of the music, he co-produced La on Tour in 1996, and he directed all of her following shows. Here’s a selection of Karin’s songs, written by Marnix (except the first one).

1992: Karin in concert
Marnix joins the band in the second season of Karin In Concert.Tegen alle verwachtingen in’  was a duet by Karin and Marnix.

1994: La Bloemen
Marnix started writing for Karin in her show La Bloemen. This is Pas toen ik’.

1996: La on Tour
For her 1996 show, La on Tour, Marnix wrote the music for the award-winning song ‘Geen kind meer. He also co-directed the show.

Een wapen van Bloemen‘ and ‘Karin’
In 1996/1997 Karin did two series of TV shows, with a different theme every week. Marnix composed lots of music for these shows, including ‘Mama.

1999: Kameleon
Kameleon, based on Karin’s studio cd with that same name, was the first show fully directed by Marnix. One of the many songs from that show is ‘Alles wat komt’.

2002: De Diva en de Divan
De Diva and the Divan featured just Karin and renowned pianist Cor Bakker. Many of the songs from this show were recorded on Het zou toch moeten bestaan, an album named after the following track.

2002/2004: Christmas Shows
Karin did two overwhelming Christmas shows, featuring lots of special guests. ‘Een paar seconden kerst was written for the 2004 show.

2008: Overgang
Overgang was the first show without live music, featuring just Karin. All of the music was on tape, including ‘Je bent alleen’.

2008: Jubileumshow
In 2008, Karin celebrated her 25th anniversary as an artist with a special show containing numerous highlights from her extensive career. ‘Weet je nog is one of those memorable songs.

2011: Absobloodylutely Bloemiliciously Fanf*ckintastic
In this show, featuring her four-piece band, singers and dancers, Karin showed everything she’s capable of – and more, as usal. One of the hit songs, originally written for the Buzz Bros Band, was I will‘.

2014: Witte Nar
In this dazzling show, again with her four-piece band, Karin is at her very best: very funny acts and great music, a.o this song: Be the song. Lyrics by Karin, music by Marnix.