Bass Musician – Jake Kot

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“… to create a unique and poignant mutually artistic statement …”

The Mike Mainieri / Marnix Busstra Quartet CD Trinary Motion represents a sterling musical landscape combining the elements of composition, improvisation, and musicality to create a unique and poignant mutually artistic statement, a challenging scenario at any point in time. The interplay and virtuosity of each individual player is a compliment to the greater goal of creating a moving composition.

Both Mainieri on vibes and Busstra on guitar give us the full scope of their voice on their instrument, harmonically and improvisationally. Complementing that structure is nothing less than a world class rhythm section, bassist Eric Van Der Westen and drummer Pieter Bast, that help define and set the mood for each composition.

To create an ambiance that this quartet more than owns is a testament to musical virtuosity for the greater good of the composition. Four voices working harmoniously to create a musical experience…a rare and welcome change to experience.