Great reviews ‘Trinary motion, Live in Europe’

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The first album of the Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Band, ‘Twelve pieces’, got fabulous reviews a few years ago. Their second album, ‘Trinary motion’, got the same respons.

hoesje Trinary Motion 181As the title says, it’s the registration of a series of live concerts during a tour of the band in Europe. Reviews of the album are very positive again. Here are some quote’s about  ‘Trinary motion’:

All about Jazz – John Kelman: “With its combination of concise interplay and memorable material, everything is as it should be on Trinary Motion, representing continued growth for Busstra, and some of Mainieri’s best playing ever.”

Jazz Inside Magazine – Eric Harabadian: “This two disc set is an incredible package and offers a really interesting and engaging display of some true modern jazz masters at work.”