Jazz Weekly – George W. Harris

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“Finger picking good!”

Marnix Busstra lays his guitar into a classic B3 format with Eric Van De Bovenkamp/B3, Mark Stoop/dr and Norbert Sollewijn Gelpke/b (and rest assured, only the initials will be used from here on!). NSG’s bass gives a funky groove for Busstra’s gritty guitar to veer through the smoky Hammond on”Medium Rare” while EVDB hovers like a helicopter over the bluesy strings of “New Canal of the Emperors.” Stoop cracks the whip as EVDB pumps the keys on the funky “Little White Lie” and delivers a soft cymbal pulse to the delicately blue “Too Hot Tub.” Busstra gets tensile on the soulful “Out of the Incrowd” and wistful on “No Solution.” Finger picking good!