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“America really needs to acknowledge and discover this man and his music.”

After reviewing the studio recording “The Naïve World”, l anticipated an electrifying live jazz experience with Visionary Live. It turned out to be as good as I expected. In fact, it went above and beyond any of my expectations.

When you pick up a live recording, there are many different thoughts that run through your mind: Will it be as good live as in the studio? Is the sound quality going to be good? The list could go on and on. My answer is a resounding yes to both questions! After hearing what the group had to offer in the studio, l’d felt it would be quite an achievement to produce as good or better a sound live.

In fact, you would never know this was live if it wasn’t for some noise from the audience on occasion. This is to be taken as a compliment. The body of music in and of itself is tremendous: Marnix and his group make every song an event, a “vision”, as the title suggests. l was mesmerized and taken away to a different plane of existence with this music. That is what l want the music to do for me, just take me away! In the Naïve World review, l expressed similar feelings. l find it difficult not to express similar feelings and thoughts about this superior jazz music.

Busstra is a guitarist that will continue to grow and evolve and produce amazing music as time passes. America really needs to acknowledge and discover this man and his music.