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about ‘Sync Dreams’ – Bill Milkowski

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It feels like getting together in a synchronous reality; a reality that the four members of the band experience and interpret each from their own perspectives.” After being introduced to Stateside jazz fans and six-string aficionados with 2009’s studio album Twelve Piece and 2010’s double-live Trinary Motion, both of which he co-led with the renowned vibist-composer Mike Mainieri of Steps… Read more » (about ‘Sync dreams’) – Robert Steven Silverstein

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Style isn’t the thing one should be interested in, the only thing that matters is what individual story someone has to tell, no matter what language he uses. mwe3: Can you give the readers a little background into where you’re from, where you live now, what you like best about it, and some of your background in the guitar world and… Read more »

Downbeat – John Ephland

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“… a setting that rivals his best work with Steps Ahead” From song to song, Twelve Pieces brims with a kind of forward motion that suggest this quartet is not only well rehearsed but is thorougly at home with the material. Vibraphonist Mike Mainieri hooks up with Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra, bassist Eric van der Westen and drummer Pieter Bast… Read more »

Midwest Records – Chris Spector

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 “…Busstra simply shows up with a load of killer instrumental music that falls under the jazz spell.” After having been introduced to us under Mike Maineri’s penumbra, the Dutch guitarist rounds up some of his landsmen and sets sail to show off what he can do on his own. With an easy rolling style that isn’t quite smooth jazz and… Read more » – Robert Stevenson

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“Sync Dreams is one of the most accomplished guitar-centric jazz CD releases of 2013.” Based in Amsterdam, Holland, guitarist Marnix Busstra keeps the art of instrumental guitar jazz alive and well with his 2013 CD entitled Sync Dreams. 21st century mainstream jazz, with the spotlight on Busstra’s refined, eclectic guitar pallet, Sync Dreams features Marnix backed up by a solid jazz… Read more »

Just Jazz Guitar – Dr. Joe Bartz

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“…he is always expressive and continually sensitive to what his band mates are laying down musically.” Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra opens his album with the title track that creates an ethereal “Pat Methenyish” tone that occasionally raises it head over the next hour.  Then at times Busstra sounds as if he comes out of an aggressive John Scofield approach to… Read more »

Jazz Inside Magazine – Cathy Gruenfelder

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“Twelve Pieces is a hit, and I look forward to twelve more!” The partnership between these two incredible voices in improvisational music began a few years ago when Mainieri made a cameo on Busstra’s CD It’s All in the Mind. Soon after, Mainieri joined Busstra on a few tours – one with his electric band “Second Vision,” and also with… Read more »

Music Maker

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“America really needs to acknowledge and discover this man and his music.” After reviewing the studio recording “The Naïve World”, l anticipated an electrifying live jazz experience with Visionary Live. It turned out to be as good as I expected. In fact, it went above and beyond any of my expectations. When you pick up a live recording, there are… Read more »


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“…the continually increasing standard of Dutch jazz and rock music…” “…The fact that the longest piece on this live CD, Busstra’s “Fathers Mood”, is of a quality comparable to Zawinul’s “Corner Pocket” illustrates the continually increasing standard of Dutch jazz and rock music…”


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“…just won’t believe their ears. Busstra expresses himself noticeably strongly…” “…Whoever hears “Visionary Live” for the first time just won’t believe their ears. Busstra expresses himself noticeably strongly…the sharply played fusion is of the highest quality…the continually increasing standard of Dutch jazz and rock music…”