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Brabants Dagblad

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“…how musicians reach the essence of music.” “ astonishing beautiful product, in which one can hear how musicians reach the essence of music…How glad a musician must be, if he creates such a naïve world…”


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“…the guitarist creates his own “naïve world” – a world in which simplicity and outlook are the point instead of clever notes…Busstra’s quartet makes music with a calm conviction that proves a good find can also be effective…”

NRC – Edo Dijksterhuis

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“The group is full of fantasy, creating variations while playing as little themes develop in tempo and color.” The negative meaning often associated with the word “Naive” does not apply to the title of the second CD from the Marnix Busstra 4-tet. The nine compositions on The Naive World are of a relatively uncomplicated structure and emit an almost childlike… Read more »

Dagblad van het Noorden

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“…modest power, that is characteristic for the music of Marnix Busstra’s quartet; the consensus of which is that four fantastic musicians have found each other…”

Jazz Nu

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“…Busstra chooses, in conformity with the aphorism ‘less is more’, for initially very simple theme’s and then polishes them into 18-carat jewels.”