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Jazziz – Scott Yanow:

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“…Busstra’s singing tone is attractive, and he succeeds in creating thoughtful solos that make each note count.” On Firm, fragile, fun (BuzzMusic Records), Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra and his quartet with pianist Rembrandt Frerichs perform 11 original songs that cover a wide variety of moods. Busstra later asked non-musicians to supply one-word summaries of each song, which he then used… Read more »

All about jazz- Dave Wayne

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(****) “..the strength of Busstra’s writing and the first-rate playing of his backing band.” Let’s get one thing out of the way: guitarist and leader of the eminently capable quartet featured on Firm Fragile Fun Marnix Busstra sounds a great deal like John Scofield. Busstra’s tone, phrasing, attack, and even his choice of guitar parallel those of the celebrated solo… Read more »

The Jazzwriter – Woodrow Wilkins

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“Busstra believes in getting in, accomplishing the mission, and getting out.” Dutch-born guitarist Marnix Busstra tries something different with Firm Fragile Fun (Buzz Music, 2015). Instead of naming the songs himself, he invited non-musician friends to assign one-word titles, based on their reactions to the music. Each title represents an emotion or atmospheric condition. Busstra plays guitar, bouzouki and electric sitar. His… Read more »

Sea of tranquility – John Neudorf

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(****) “… a wide range of moods, tones and textures and the musicianship is stellar.” Marnix Busstra is a Dutch guitarist/composer with a new album titled Firm Fragile Fun. Busstra (guitar, bouzouki, electric sitar) has an outstanding band including Rembrandt Frerichs (piano), Arnold Dooyeweerd (double bass) and Pieter Bast (drums). The album consists of eleven tracks, all one word titles which… Read more »

All about Jazz – Dan Bilawsky

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(****) “Busstra’s willingness to let his music speak to listeners on their own terms, rather than what’s dictated to them.” Can a single word sum up the meaning and magic of a song? In the large majority of cases, the answer is no. But that doesn’t mean a brief descriptor can’t serve as a window into a composition’s bearing. Just… Read more » – Robert Steven Silverstein

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“one of the best guitarists on the 21st century Euro-jazz scene.” Holland-based guitarist Marnix Busstra is one of the best guitarists on the 21st century Euro-jazz scene. In 2013 Marnix released his critically acclaimed CD Sync Dreams and in 2015 he followed back up with an album of all new jazzy, fusion instrumentals called Firm Fragile Fun. The same band Marnix recorded with on Sync Dreams returns for… Read more »

Midwest Records – Chris Spector

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“… loaded with thrills, spills and is too hot to have any chills.” The Dutch jazz guitarist doesn’t have to play by our rules, so he doesn’t.  Kicking it out in fine style with some like minded pals, his latest set is loaded with thrills, spills and is too hot to have any chills. A killer work out like the… Read more » – Mattie Poels (English version)

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“That makes Busstra a special musician who touches the sense and the heart of the music and let it speak for itselves.” This year the Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra celebrated his 50th anniversary. Reason for a new CD ‘Firm Fragile Fun‘ and a compilation-double-album ‘Best of Both Worlds‘ of this versatile guitar player. Busstra has played in many bands like Second Vision,… Read more »

Jazzflits – Peter J. Korten

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“… weer laat zien tot welke grootse dingen hij in staat is.” De gitaar- en vooral de bouzouki-sound van Marnix Busstra herken je van mijlenver. Hij zorgt ervoor dat zijn muziek zich niet gemakkelijk laat categoriseren. Samen met pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, bassist Arnold Dooyeweerd en drummer Pieter Bast runt hij een aantrekkelijk kwartet dat nu haar tweede cd maakt, getiteld ‘Firm… Read more »

Jazz Mozaïek (België) – Marc van de Walle

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(****) “…een prachtige plaat met heel wat variatie. De composities zijn rijk, na meerdere luisterbeurten winnen ze alleen maar aan kracht … Mooi werk!” De titel van deze cd verklapt al veel over het karakter van de muziek. Het gaat effectief om stevig, soms breekbaar, soms leuk en ontspannend werk. Maar er zit meer achter; men leze de titellijst van… Read more »