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“…Busstra’s group rewards the attention paid them with music that has been well thought out and deeply experienced by it’s performers.” The Dutchman Marnix Busstra uses long, electrically colored tones but distinguishes himself from the masses of jazz-rock guitarists by never bowing to the temptation to exaggerate. His quartet, beautifully recorded in a direct manner, (and with an excellent tenor… Read more »

Noord Hollands Dagblad

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“…compositions that are brilliant in their sparseness.” “…Every note on the CD sounds carefully considered. Precisely timed and sometimes sustained, they color compositions that are brilliant in their sparseness. Bassist Eric van der Westen and drummer Pieter Bast play exactly what is needed, down to the note. This sparse approach was intentionally chosen by Busstra: a matter of taste. I… Read more »


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“If Jimi Hendrix … was still alive, he would sound like this…” “…The slow blues, “That’s a fact”, is impressive in its intensity. I kept thinking, “If Jimi Hendrix – older and wiser – were still alive, he would sound like this…”