– Mattie Poels (english)

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He’s a story teller, with a lot to tell.    

Guitar player, composer and bandleader Marnix Busstra formed a new standard group: bass, drums, piano en guitar. But the result isn’t standard at all. We hear a coherent ensemble of four personal musicians who tell their own melodic story, synchronized on ‘Sync Dreams‘.

Marnix Busstra is a wonderfull characteristic guitarist, who’s got a striking musical style. He writes compositions which sounds so familiar, with open melodies and sparkling harmonies on which he easily plays his solo’s. Varied pieces: lyrical, rhythmical and edgy with a kind of blues at the end.

Busstra is inspired by Pat Metheny (Earth Tone) and John Scofield, that’s obvious, but he still goes his own, personal way. Passionate, virtuose without overflowing notes. He keeps the elementairy calmness in his music, that’s really remarkable. He’s a story teller, with a lot to tell. In two songs he’s even looking for new musical colors by using the bouzouki and the sitar which gives the music a Eastern sound.

He’s accompanied by multi pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, excellent player with a fresh solo sound in ‘Down, and Up Again’ and ‘Octoforce’, poly rhythmic assisted by Pieter Bast. A drummer who’s painting with percussion by using inspiring ‘ghosts-notes‘ for more musical exposure.

Marnix Busstra recorded cd’s with his bands: Second Vision, Marnix Busstra 4-TetBuzz Bros Band and tow albums with master vibraphone player Mike Mainieri. On this list we can add the wonderful‘Sync Dreams’. The debut of the Marnix Busstra Band, where dreams come true!