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Midwest Records – Chris Spector

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 “…Busstra simply shows up with a load of killer instrumental music that falls under the jazz spell.” After having been introduced to us under Mike Maineri’s penumbra, the Dutch guitarist rounds up some of his landsmen and sets sail to show off what he can do on his own. With an easy rolling style that isn’t quite smooth jazz and… Read more » – Robert Stevenson

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“Sync Dreams is one of the most accomplished guitar-centric jazz CD releases of 2013.” Based in Amsterdam, Holland, guitarist Marnix Busstra keeps the art of instrumental guitar jazz alive and well with his 2013 CD entitled Sync Dreams. 21st century mainstream jazz, with the spotlight on Busstra’s refined, eclectic guitar pallet, Sync Dreams features Marnix backed up by a solid jazz… Read more »

Guitar International – Vince Lewis

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 “Busstra has a good command of the instrument, and a musical voice that combines both the Scofield and Metheny in his playing.” This is the debut album as a leader for Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra. He co-led two previous recordings with vibist-composer Mike Mainieri. 2009 saw Twelve Piece and in 2010 they recorded a double live CD titled Trinary Motion…. Read more »

Just Jazz Guitar – Dr. Joe Bartz

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“…he is always expressive and continually sensitive to what his band mates are laying down musically.” Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra opens his album with the title track that creates an ethereal “Pat Methenyish” tone that occasionally raises it head over the next hour.  Then at times Busstra sounds as if he comes out of an aggressive John Scofield approach to… Read more »

O’s Place Jazz Magazine – D. Oscar Groomes

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“While he typically plays the lead lines, he allows other band members to shine.” Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra has a personal sound that is characterized by the teams he performs with. While he typically plays the lead lines, he allows other band members to shine. In this case the whole is better than the sum of the parts. Bassist Arnold… Read more »

Jazz Weekly – George W. Harris

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“…some intriguing sounds with strings along with a simpatico team…” Dutch guitarist Marnix Busstra makes some intriguing sounds with strings along with a simpatico team of Rembrandt (gotta love it!) Frerichs/p, Arnold Dooyeweerd/b and Pieter Bast/dr. He makes some exotic sounds with an electric sitar on a sleek and flowing “Earth Tone” and a bouzouki on the exciting and driving… Read more » – Mattie Poels (english)

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He’s a story teller, with a lot to tell.     Guitar player, composer and bandleader Marnix Busstra formed a new standard group: bass, drums, piano en guitar. But the result isn’t standard at all. We hear a coherent ensemble of four personal musicians who tell their own melodic story, synchronized on ‘Sync Dreams‘. Marnix Busstra is a wonderfull characteristic guitarist, who’s… Read more »

The Jazzwriter – Woodrow Wilkins

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 “…an album that’s loaded with enjoyable sounds.” Marnix Busstra debuted in the United States with 2009’s Twelve Piece and the following year’s Trinary Motion, both of which he co-led with vibist Mike Mainieri of Steps Ahead. Now, the Dutch guitarist steps out with Sync Dreams (Buzz Music Records, 2013). With Busstra are Rembrandt Frerichs on piano, Arnold Dooyeweerd on double bass and Pieter Bast on drums…. Read more »

Jazzenzo – Rinus van der Heijden

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“…zitten vol energie, zijn fantasierijk, laten vrijheid aan zijn medemusici en tonen bovenal hoe sterk Marnix Busstra is als componist én uitvoerder.” Deze cd is al een tijdje uit, maar dat is geen reden om hem niet meer te bespreken.  Marnix Busstra wilde van ‘Sync Dreams’ een persoonlijk album maken en tegelijk zijn nieuwe band tonen. Wat het eerste betreft:… Read more »

Nederlands Dagblad – Johan Bakker

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“…de elektrische gitaar die hij heerlijk laat gieren in een verder akoestische context.” Sync Dreams werd al meer dan twee jaar geleden opgenomen. Het is enigszins raadselachtig waarom dit bijzondere album zo lang op de plank is blijven liggen. Marnix Busstra componeerde alle stukken zelf, maar ze klinken alsof ze al geruime tijd tot het standaardrepertoire behoren. Busstra’s hoofdinstrument is de elektrische gitaar die… Read more »