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“Sync Dreams is one of the most accomplished guitar-centric jazz CD releases of 2013.”

Based in Amsterdam, Holland, guitarist Marnix Busstra keeps the art of instrumental guitar jazz alive and well with his 2013 CD entitled Sync Dreams.

21st century mainstream jazz, with the spotlight on Busstra’s refined, eclectic guitar pallet, Sync Dreams features Marnix backed up by a solid jazz quartet featuring Rembrandt Frerichs (piano), Arnold Dooyeweerd (bass) and Pieter Bast (drums). With its cool jazz grooves and uptempo guitar-scapes, Sync Dreams is kind of ECM Records inspired in places, however Busstra’s jazzy sound is fully developed and upbeat.

With Sync Dreams there’s a solid bop jazz sensibility in places and Marnix steps into the spotlight on electric guitar, electric sitar and bouzouki too, which broadens out the sound with a World Jazz kind of feel. Several guitar watchers and music fans have also mentioned the name John Scofield when comparing the sound Marnix gets on Sync Dreams. Astute Guitar fans may recall Marnix thanks to the albums he made with vibraphonist Mike Mainieri.

Commenting on pressing ahead with his solo career after recording two albums with a band co-chaired with Mike Mainieri, Marnix adds, ‘I wanted to make a step forward musically after the albums with Mike Mainieri. I loved doing them, of course, but I wanted a little bit more freedom in the music, so in the compositions I tried to make more space and the possibility to offer that freedom.’

The Sync Dreams CD cover art and the solid studio sound truly enhances the listening experience. Sync Dreams is one of the most accomplished guitar-centric jazz CD releases of 2013.