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Music Maker

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“…, these gentlemen have unquestionably proven themselves to be the Yankees’ equals…” “…Second Vision has shown itself as a strong fusion band that’s been well influenced by their American colleagues. As instrumentalists, these gentlemen have unquestionably proven themselves to be the Yankees’ equals…” – Mattie Poels (english)

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He’s a story teller, with a lot to tell.     Guitar player, composer and bandleader Marnix Busstra formed a new standard group: bass, drums, piano en guitar. But the result isn’t standard at all. We hear a coherent ensemble of four personal musicians who tell their own melodic story, synchronized on ‘Sync Dreams‘. Marnix Busstra is a wonderfull characteristic guitarist, who’s… Read more »

Kuwait, 2015 

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Thursday, April 23 Another trip abroad for the Marnix Busstra Band. Kuwait? Yes, Kuwait. Not the first place that comes to mind when you think ‘jazz’ – but that simply proves once more that jazz is indeed an omnipresent style of music… We’re invited as the main act at the Gulf Jazz Festival, a yearly event. Unfortunately, bassist Arnold Dooyeweerd… Read more »

Jazz Weekly – George W. Harris

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“…see if it’s as good. Check this one out, guitar fans!” Vibist Mike Mainieri has played with everyone from Diz, Hawk, Wes and Buddy Rich before founding his own niche-creating band Steps Ahead. Here, he works with the compositions of co-leader/guitarist Marnix Busstra for a dozen very clever, intriguing and accessible tunes that mix clever soloing with exciting interplay. Along with… Read more »

All Music – Michael G. Nastos

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“This is an excellent example of modern contemporary jazz music beholden to no vintage traditions, making its way on its own merits, which display a high degree of quality.” Mike Mainieri’s work as a leader or alongside his friends in Steps Ahead has never vaulted him to the top of the critics’ polls, despite the fact that he is unquestionably… Read more »

The Buffalo News

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“To say that Marnix Busstra is a superb guitar player from the Netherlands is only a tiny fraction of the story.” Never assume the worst about jazz musicians. Just because you haven’t heard from them on disc frequently—no matter how much you might want to— doesn’t mean dire things. To say that Marnix Busstra is a superb guitar player from… Read more » – Ralp A. Miriello

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“Busstra’s light and airy fingering is delicate and emotional.” Mike Mainieri has been a major force in fusion since the early 1980’s when he co-founded Steps Ahead. On this recording with the Netherlands-based guitarist Marnix Busstra, Mainieri takes an akoestiek, organic approach to the music. The compositions on this CD, mostly by Busstra, offer a variety of styles and interesting… Read more »

All About Jazz – John Kelman

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“…Busstra certainly deserves a broader international audience.” Released in Europe as the Marnix Busstra Trio featuring Mike Mainieri but in North America as the Mike Mainieri/Mike Busstra Quartet, the name change may reflect both vibraphonist Mainieri’s significant involvement and his larger cachet, but Twelve Pieces remains a compelling look at this Netherlands-based guitarist. Less known on this side of the… Read more »

Midwest Records – Chris Spector

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“…music that will haunt you long after you pop it out of the player.” Since he always shows up at the door with good vibes, Mainieri is always welcome when he drops by. At the cutting edge of music since before most of you were born, he takes it to the next level of the game hooking up with a Dutch… Read more »

All About Jazz – Jerry D’Souza

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“Mainieri and Busstra complement each other perfectly.” The first meeting between vibraphonist Mike Mainieri and guitarist Marnix Busstra took place when Mainieri played on one of Busstra’s earlier recordings. This led to a tour during which they looked at extending that musical relationship. One aspect would be different; they would collaborate in an acoustic setting, away from the electric projects… Read more »